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Purtassi Tour to Thirupathi of Botswana

The North West Tamil Federation wishes to invite all Hindus to join us on the 19 September 2015 a day pilgrimage trip to the Thirupathi Replica Temple in Botswana, known as the Balaji Temple.  Buses will leave from Gauteng and North West Provinces around 5.30am. You may buy a bus ticket or simply follow the bus with your cars so that we all cross the border together. Its a day pilgrimage, so we intend by the same evening. Please contact Pregy Pillay on 0836267512.

Inaugural Meeting Nov 2014

North West Tamil Federation Inaugural Meeting Agenda Opening and welcome by MC Rajan Naidoo Opening Prayer Attendees Introduction of the Federation (Pregy Pillay) Nomination of the Executive Members Nomination of the Trustees Nomination of Council Members General Closure Minutes Mr Rajan Naidoo opened the meeting and welcomed all the members at 2:35pm Mr Pregy Pillay read the opening prayer Attendees were as follows: Present in Person Logan Moonsamy Kovilan Moonsamy Smiley Moonsamy Pregy Pillay Kevalin Pillay Rajan Naidoo Kanan Subramani [...]

About Us

Message from Pregy Pillay Vanakam All A community without some sort of medium to represent its interest is like a body without a soul. This is precisely what triggered me in 2012 to engage with Tamil leaders with a view to establishing an organisation that specifically promotes Tamil Culture and represents the needs of the Tamil People in the North West Province. I am fully aware that we have a very small population of Tamil People in our province, but irrespective of how small our population is I believe we have a responsibility to associate, promote and develop our culture. This visi[...]