Inaugural Meeting Nov 2014

North West Tamil Federation Inaugural Meeting


  1. Opening and welcome by MC Rajan Naidoo
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Attendees
  4. Introduction of the Federation (Pregy Pillay)
  5. Nomination of the Executive Members
  6. Nomination of the Trustees
  7. Nomination of Council Members
  8. General
  9. Closure


  1. Mr Rajan Naidoo opened the meeting and welcomed all the members at 2:35pm
  2. Mr Pregy Pillay read the opening prayer
  3. Attendees were as follows:
    1. Present in Person
      1. Logan Moonsamy
      2. Kovilan Moonsamy
      3. Smiley Moonsamy
      4. Pregy Pillay
      5. Kevalin Pillay
      6. Rajan Naidoo
      7. Kanan Subramani
    2. Via Vodacom Conference Call
      1. Regie Udayan
      2. Asothie Udayan
      3. Vijayalaxmi Parab
    3. Via MTN Conference Call
      1. Mrs Pillay
      2. Asogan Pillay
      3. Radeshnie Pillay
    4. Via Skype
      1. Vignesh Subramani


  1. The Federation was introduced by Mr Pregy Pillay. Find attached speech.
  2. Nomination of the Executive Members
Position Nominee Nominator Seconded
President Pregy Pillay Regie Udayan Kanan Subramani
Treasurer Vignesh Subramani Pregy Pillay Logan Moonsamy
Secretary Vijayalaxmi Parab Kanan Subramani Kovilan Moonsamy


  1. Nomination of the Trustees
Nominee Credentials Nominator Seconded
Regie Udayan Founder Member of the NW Hindu Sabha Pregy Pillay Rajan Naidoo
Rajan Naidoo Founder Member of the Rustenburg Hindu Sabha Kanan Subramani Kovilan Moonsamy


  1. Nominees for Additional Council Members Representing the Major Cities
Nominee City Nominator Accepted
Logan Moonsamy Rustenburg Pregy Pillay Yes
Ramani Iyer Mogwase Kanan Subramani Not Yet
Mrs S Pillay  Zeerust Rajan Naidoo Yes
Marlin Govender / Mr Naicker Lichtenburg Pregy Pillay Not Yet
Rosy Govender / Nerisha Pillay Klerksdorp Pregy Pillay Not Yet

Mr Regie Udayan indicated that there are too few people left in Mafikeng to be nominated.

Mr Pillay indicated that we have not yet discovered Tamil people from the cities of Potchefstroom and Brits.


  1. General
    1. Mr Regie Udayan wished we could forward members with a calendar. Had he known of the Nelspruit Pilgrimage event next weekend he would not have booked a different resort for his family the same weekend. They would have much preferred joining our fellow Tamils for the Nelspruit event.
    2. Mr Rajan Naidoo felt that the Om sign on the Kalasum Pot on the logo should be green instead of black.
    3. Some members indicated that they have received the draft constitution but have not yet properly perused it. Mr Pregy Pillay indicated that the draft constitution would be published on the web site for a period of 3 days ending 26 November 2014 for comments. Mr Naidoo advised that thereafter the constitution should be adopted.
  2. Closure

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